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On Feb. 16, 2021,  Jen Snyder, GovQA Chief Evangelist, moderated a discussion around the first-of-its-kind Peers in Public Records Index (PiPRIndex), a historical marker that quantifies predictable growth (or retraction) in complexity for public sector organizations managing Public Records Requests.

Our panel discussed each of the 7 figures that compose the PiPRIndex, and how these figures represent a broader trend felt by most SLGs.

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What is the Peers in Public Records Index (PiPRIndex)?

As the largest provider of public records software for local government by 2X, GovQA is singularly positioned to provide actionable data for the public records industry. GovQA serves over 110+ of the top 300 U.S. Cities; 45% of Top U.S. Counties; and 80+ state agencies.

Using this broad and diverse customer base, GovQA has selected anonymized data from 500 representative agencies that includes state, county and city organizations.

We identified those organizations that fall within a high standard deviation of values across 7 specific metrics that most indicate complexity for an organization. Then we identified 239 customers that represent the most common experience across all 7 metrics to create a PiPRIndex.

Adjusted for volume and tracked quarterly, the PiPRIndex quantifies predictable growth (or retraction) in complexity, compliance, accessibility and economics of public records from “peers” across the U.S and will be updated quarterly. The first of the four PiPRIndex reports covers Complexity and will be discussed with this panel.

What Was Covered:

  • Whether the trends you see in your own organization are shared by the broader market. 
  • How to use this data to support technology investment decisions that address increases in Public Records complexity.
  • How to compare your agency’s own complexity figures with those of your peers.
  • Our Experts’ Forecast for the potential future state of the industry.


What are your peers prioritzing as they look to 2021? Take the 2021 Peers In Public Records Survey or explore the PiPRIndex to find out.

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