Partnerships with GovQA

GovQA has an innovative, strategic partnerships initiative targeted at technology companies with a similar, government-focused mission. We are offering state and local governments the most secure and intuitive technologies to help serve their communities, connect with internal and external agencies, and enhance transparency while mitigating compliance risk.

Refer a Customer, or Partner with Us

If you have a customer who seeks the solution the GovQA Exchange system offers, share the opportunity with us. For those companies whose technologies are equal to the GovQA standards of security and quality, and whose target customers are similar or adjacent to ours, we would like to discuss a possible partnership.

Refer a Customer

Do you have a Government customer with public records response concerns? or other types of records requests? Subpoena? Legal Holds? Correspondence? Let us know and we can work together to help this customer determine if GovQA Public Records Management technology is the answer.

Join the Partner Program

To extend our highly sought after technology for the government sector, and allow our customers additional access to complementary technologies, we now offer the GovQA Partner Program.

Partnership Types

GovQA has a number of different types of partnerships to address the Government Sector. We work together with these partners to make the experience of acquiring and utilizing the GovQA offerings effective and easy for the State or Local government. The partnerships include Co-Sell, Lead Referral, Technology Extension and Integration, and Contract Partners.

Co-Sell Partners: GovQA and Co-Sell Partners address a prospect/customer together directly or indirectly. We share ideas, intelligence, and contacts, as appropriate, to serve the government organization best.

Lead Referral Partners: GovQA and Lead Referral partners exchange leads when there is a prospect/customer that either GovQA or the partner can share.

Technology and Integration Extension Partners: GovQA and Technology and Integration partners work together to offer our government customers an extended technology to better suit their long-term needs.

Contract Partners: GovQA leverages select Contract Partners to make the procurement process easier on the government acquiring our technology.