ARPA Public Records EligibilityIs public records software an eligible investment of ARPA funds?

Yes it is!  According to the latest information released by the Treasury (including FAQs), the following are eligible uses of ARPA funds by state and local governments:

Responding to the public health emergency by way of:


With GovQA, your staff can manage public records requests from anywhere they have internet access (at home, in remote locations) — this makes your organization less dependent on physical locations; and ensures staff safety and enforcement of public health orders. In addition, requesters can access requested records via an online portal for touch-free service that complies with public health orders.


This is a core function of public records!  With GovQA software your organization can release information and records (including those relating to the pandemic response) to the public; corporations; the media; and other government agencies with proactive posting, auto-follow, and other functions that deliver better government services to the American people.

GovQA also includes a dynamic knowledge base of emergency and other vital government information accessible via an online public portal which grows organically as new information becomes available, promotes self-service adoption by requesters, and will streamline the department’s efforts to get critical information out to the public more quickly.

Robust reporting and real-time dashboards provide greater oversight and control during and after the crisis.

Recovery Funds may be used:

To provide government services to the extent of reduction in revenue experienced due to Covid-19.  Agencies can calculate their lost revenues using the Treasury calculations and then use ARPA funds to replace that revenue by way of investments to provide any government service, including but not limited to: police/first responder/other public safety services (such as those offered by GovQA public records software); and investments in modernization of cybersecurity, including hardware, software, and protection of critical infrastructure.

GovQA is a quick-deployment software solution that will replace aging IT systems with modern, secure cloud-based technology; increase your crisis preparedness, and allow your agency to continue essential functions uninterrupted and in a more efficient and secure manner. GovQA is fully CJIS and HIPAA compliant to strengthen your cybersecurity capabilities to address ongoing threats and protect sensitive PII and confidential data. It provides safe, 24/7/365 access to agency staff and citizens via the highly secure Microsoft Azure Government Cloud.

In addition, most funding uses eligible under the 2020 CARES Act will continue to be eligible under ARPA.

GovQA is also an eligible investment under the CARES Act and many organizations successfully submitted and got approval to purchase GovQA using CARES Act funds. Learn more about CARES funding here.

Download an ARPA funding request letter template here.

Free eCourse – ARPA and public records

This 8-part eCourse will provide resources to help you convince others in your organization of the value of investing in a public records solution using ARPA funds. 

To keep up with the pace of increasing volume and complexity of public records – you are going to need to modernize your technology and deliver more government services – like public records – digitally.  

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