Clayton County, GA launches public record request platform

By March 22, 2021June 7th, 2021No Comments

In an effort to enhance public transparency, Clayton County recently activated GovQA, a software that tracks public record requests across multiple departments, standardizes records processing, and helps to fulfill requests in accordance with Georgia law. The system will also help county officials understand the direct costs associated with records processing.

GovQA allows the requester to submit a new public records request, track the progress and receive updates by email. The requestor can read the correspondence or notes, and download electronic records and deliverables. Likewise, the county will be able to track and process public record requests.

“Clayton County is committed to providing access to numerous resources, and GovQA will assist us in meeting this goal,” said Chief Operating Officer Detrick Stanford. “Additionally, this process will enhance efficiency and increase accessibility for everyone who interacts with Clayton County departments for open records requests.”

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