How can automated workflow software help you respond to Coronavirus Public Records Requests? 

    And how quickly can state and local government agencies get up and running?

    Your employees’ and community’s health and safety are important to you. Let GovQA help you manage their concerns. 

    GovQA can prepare you for the potential increased demand for public records and information requests which may result from the Coronavirus pandemic in the coming weeks and months.

    In the list below, we’ve gathered some ways that GovQA’s cloud-based public records software can help you quickly share records and information:


    • A GovQA web portal can help your agency proactively serve health and safety information to the public. 

    How? With just a few clicks you can add a link to your health department’s COVID-19 webpage or announcement online

    • Deflect potentially voluminous public records requests related to COVID-19 (preventing submission of requests) 

    How? By posting FAQs content to your GovQA portal which will appear when requesters begin typing “Coronavirus” or “COVID-19”

    • Reduce request volume further – Let the public (and the media) automatically “Follow” your updates

    How? Post updates to the Trending Topics area of your  portal 

    • Reduce duplicate requests

    How? When you’ve completed a Coronavirus request response, share it on your portal (using the “create answer” tool)

    GovQA can help keep internal operations running smoothly too:

    • Avoid transmission of COVID-19 in your department by allowing non-essential employees to work from home while still securely handling public records requests

    How? GovQA is a cloud solution accessible anywhere online (be sure to confer with your organization’s work from home policy)

    Why automate your process now?

    • Request volume is going up by 16% or more every year (before the COVID-19 epidemic added to these stats)
    • Manual processes can result in backlogs and missed deadlines
    • GovQA’s automated workflows have your required response times, retention schedules, and exemption codes built right into our software. These “rules” run behind the scenes to keep you on track with deadlines and in full compliance of the law. 
    • Mitigate your security risks: GovQA, hosted on the best-in-class Microsoft Azure Government cloud, provides full CJIS and HIPAA compliance to reduce risk of data compromise and accidental release of PII
    • Because GovQA is a cloud-based solution, your employees can complete their work from home if needed with access to the internet on a pc or mobile device. Working from home is something you can’t do when your process is not automated (and it may or may not be possible if you have an on-premise solution)

    Why choose GovQA to help?  In addition to all the benefits listed above, with GovQA software:

    • Your staff does not have to do any “coding” to post information online – posting public announcements is easy for any user – tech savvy or not
    • Getting “onboarded” is easy too – with no IT involvement needed today or in the future
    • We can implement you quickly and efficiently
    • We have a plan to get agencies implemented during the Coronavirus pandemic

    If you are not currently a GovQA customer but want to prepare for better managed community health announcements, we can help! 

    We have added staff to meet demand – we are ready to get you up and running asap!

    Contact to get the process started!

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