Improving Your Agency’s Flexibility and Speed

Outline based on Deloitte Insights and GovQA customer outreach

“It’s an unprecedented time for governments”, notes Deloitte in the executive summary of a recent article. “The rapid spread of the virus is challenging governments in ways normally reserved for war, depressions, or natural disasters.”  

We are now approximately 5 months into the Covid-19 pandemic crisis response across the U.S.  What can government agencies like yours do to keep citizens informed and offer guidance and leadership as you move through all three stages of crisis response: Response, Recovery, and Thrive? How can your agency come out stronger on the other side? 

This document was created to help agencies identify where they are in the three stages, rate their response or plans for each stage, and work through plans for future crises. Read the summaries and answer the questions in a working file you can share with your team.

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