Patent-Pending Deflection Equals Reduced Request Volume

Whether you’re seeing an increase in requests related to the Coronavirus pandemic already or are still a few weeks away from being inundated, GovQA has tools to help. The volume of public records requests has increased significantly in recent years and will likely ramp up sharply for COVID-19 related requests very soon.  If you’re a state or local government seeing exponential increases in open records requests, you’re not alone.

Can your current public records process withstand these increases in request volume?  Likely not, if you were seeing backlogs even before the pandemic.

What can Deflection from GovQA do?

GovQA’s patent-pending deflection tools can help reduce your request volume via:

In-line Deflection

Keywords trigger alerts with links to FAQ information available on your portal

Side Deflection

Keywords which match published records request responses (and/or information on open data portals) trigger alerts with links to the relevant files

Materials Estimates

Pop-outs for materials fees and built-in tools to send estimates when permitted by law

Get relevant data to requesters BEFORE they submit. If they submit anyway, you have admin side tools:

  • Similar Requests Found: pop-up alert to view duplicates
  • Link Similar Requests: button to link similar request — so when you respond to one, you respond to all
  • Trending Topics: proactively post info on hot topics so visitors can opt-in and auto-follow for updates.

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