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Learn from others and share your own experiences.

Join us virtually to swap stories and best practices with peers on the Public Record frontlines at other State Transportation Departments.

Join GovQA in Q2 for an invite-only, small-group, virtual discussion relevant to individuals who work on the Public Record frontlines at Department of Transportation agencies. We won’t be presenting, but rather asking you to share your own expertise so that others may learn. We’ll ask questions and provide thoughts based on what we’re seeing across the country.

Whether or not you’re using software to manage Public Records, you’ll walk away with actionable, experience-based advice to take back to your own organization.

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Conversation will center around:

We encourage you to download the Peers in Public Records Index (PiPRIndex) before joining the Roundtable.

During the Roundtable we’ll walk you through how you, as a public safety organization, can get the most out of the PiPRIndex; an actionable barometer that tracks the complexity of public record requests over time.