FOIA Redaction Software

With our In-Tool Redaction™ module, we make it easy to red line documents within the GovQA system to retain full audit trail and comply with Public Records Act exemptions and privacy protection regulations.

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Easy, Secure Document Redaction

GovQA’s In-tool Redaction™ allows the redaction process to happen within our platform, increasing security and reducing the steps you need to take for a successful, document redaction. With convenient functions like Text Search, Pattern Matching, Redact Similar, Exemption Tracking, and Responsive Records Packeting (via PDF Portfolios), we make it easy to collaborate and generate an audit log while saving valuable time.

DID YOU KNOW?  Some FOIA software companies take shortcuts with their redaction tools like linking to out-of-the-box Adobe redaction tools instead of going the extra mile to create their own toolset. Why does this matter?

Using Adobe redaction (instead of an in-tool solution like GovQA) breaks the audit trail the moment users open Adobe — and it opens a hole in the security when users upload and download files to and from Adobe. GovQA’s redaction tools are built-into our platform. This means you get an unbroken audit trail and the utmost security. And, fewer clicks to a successful redaction.

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Redaction Tools

FOIA Redaction Tools to Keep You Secure and Compliant

Redact occurrences of searched words, phrases or common patterns directly from within the search results panel

Redact a specific word/phrase once and apply it to the entire document or packet

Bulk redact by searching for words or phrases

Automated redaction of common privacy information (e.g. phone numbers, credit card numbers)

Redact page(s), text, form fields, and images

Drag & drop (move) emails into the admin portal to create a multi-page PDF that retains original formats of each attachment

Un-redact specific areas on a page when needed while automatically saving markup versions

In the final output file, redacted content is removed — not just hidden

SB 1421 and AB 748 have had a tremendous impact on all of us in the Bay area. All this would have been very burdensome without GovQA’s mechanisms...With GovQA, we redact in the tool and lock specific documents, mark them as public, published, or between us and the customer.

Adam PerezRecords Administrator, Hayward CA Police Department
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GovQA's FOIA Solution

A Scalable Platform For Automating Workflow

  • The Request Details page lets you manage collaboration, fees & time, attachments and more
  • The Attachment section is where you can access all redaction files
  • Search for words, phrases, common patterns; redact and apply reason codes individually or all at once (bulk)
  • Redact pages, text, form fields, and images – and unredact, when needed, prior to final publish
  • A redaction log is auto-generated
  • Drag and drop entire emails with attachments from Outlook into a single redactable packet (PDF Portfolio)
Public request management software - Redaction tool
FOIA Redaction
OCR Explained

How Does Optical Character Recognition Affect Redaction?

Text that can’t be selected by your cursor is not searchable by a computer until it’s converted to recognized characters via Optical Character Recognition, or OCR. Learn how this process is critical to performing redaction on scanned documents.

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Redaction Security

Secure Your Data and Stay Compliant

  • Control who can access the redaction module
  • Create document security tags to control source document access
  • GovQA’s built-in redaction keeps data more secure vs processes which require importing and exporting potential PII (personally identifiable information) and confidential data in and out of Adobe or other external redaction tools.
  • Once redacted, the original un-redacted version cannot be released
FOIA Redaction software

How does your public safety organization stay compliant? 

As changing laws continue to affect the public safety sector in all states, GovQA keeps an eye on these changing laws and stays adaptable by continuously updating our forward-thinking exchange solution with proactive enhancements.

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FOIA Management Software

See how we configure our FOIA management software to meet your needs and keep your organization compliant by combining our trusted tools and security with proven government expertise.

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GovQA is consistently creating and gathering helpful resources to help you improve your FOIA and Public and Open Records request process. Bookmark this page to review shared stories, live roundtables, informative case studies, and actionable knowledge that will help you calm the chaos and keep your organization compliant and secure.

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