GovQA Announces New Chief Evangelist: Jen Snyder

 Just before the Coronavirus pandemic hit, Jen accepted a new position at GovQA. In the coming weeks, she will be officially transitioning from her long-time sales function into her new role as Chief Evangelist for GovQA. While the title may sound abstract, this position was birthed from a growing trend in the business and consumer worlds that we believe has great potential in the government space as well.

The idea is simple: to create and expand opportunities for state and local government agency members like you to discuss the challenges you face. Jen’s mission as Chief Evangelist is to bring folks from state and local government agency communities together to learn from each other and expedite changes that you want to see happen.

Jennifer Snyder

Chief Evangelist at GovQA

As GovQA Evangelist, Jen is interested in meaningful conversations that look both at the big picture, as well as dig deep into nitty-gritty best-practice working sessions on all government challenges and opportunities including those related to technology, transparency, security, procurement, legislative mandates, compliance, staffing challenges, and more. Jen’s 15 years of experience in the state and local government space includes guest speaking and moderating for government events, roundtables, and associations. She has another 10 years of experience managing local and international business development initiatives for B2B tech companies.

You know I love to talk, and this new role gives me permission to have more meaningful conversations without the constraints of my previous sales schedule.

Jen SnyderChief Evangelist at GovQA

Contact Jen Today

GovQA is offering a variety of ways to connect with Jen, or contact her here:

  • Conferences, association meetings, and industry events that Jen will be attending alongside you to learn as much as she can, or guest speaking at events where she can offer subject matter expertise
  • Online chats (via LinkedIn or other existing platforms) about topics of interest to you so that you can learn from others in similar positions at agencies across the country
  • “Fireside Chat” podcasts to which you can subscribe to hear Jen talk to experts in our industry on a variety of topics
  • Articles she’ll be writing (with input from you) to publish in places where you can get your voices heard
  • And other places and channels we have yet to explore!

COVID-19 Has Exposed A Public Records Issue

The COVID-19 crisis has really shone a light on a glaring issue that we’ve all been aware of for a while – paper in government.  This is a topic that Jen would love to discuss, so if you have horror stories to share, contact her here.

For more information on how COVID-19 is impacting public records, check out Jen’s blog where she shares how this national nightmare has impacted public records departments at state and local governments.

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