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Getting buy-in from all the necessary decision-makers can be daunting.  How can you show all the benefits of an automated platform like GovQA, concisely?

We put together a letter template that makes it easy for you to provide a formal request for public records management software, along with a checklist of features that will help make your job simpler, more efficient, and more secure. Enter your email below to download our free, editable template and solutions checklist.

DID YOU KNOW?  Some FOIA software companies take shortcuts with their redaction tools by linking to out-of-the-box Adobe redaction tools instead of going the extra mile to create their own tool set. Why should you care?

Using Adobe redaction (instead of an in-tool solution like GovQA) breaks the audit trail the moment users open Adobe — and it opens a hole in the security when users upload and download files to and from Adobe.

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