Webinar: Responding to Video/Audio FOIL Requests in New York

(and public records requests in surrounding states)

On Thursday, April 15th at 11:00 am EST, GovQA was joined by Microsoft and Veritone to see how New York agencies (and agencies in surrounding states) could be using GovQA and Veritone to automate their FOIL (public record) management process and redact requested audio/video files, all while staying compliant under Microsoft’s secure cloud.

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This 60-Minute, 4-Part Webinar Covers:

Part 1 – Legislation: What’s changed for New York FOIL Managers as a result of the repeal of New York 50-a and other evolving requirements for managing sensitive information within audio, video and image-based evidence?

What police reform legislation that directly impacts public records has passed or looms on the horizon for other states in the Northeast*?

Part 2 – Demonstration: How GovQA simplifies, secures, and automates public records response.

Part 3Demonstration: How Veritone Redact cuts 90% off video redaction times compared to manual processes.

Part 4Demonstration: How this integration, built within Microsoft Azure security, provides law enforcement agencies with security protocols they may otherwise lack when responding with a redacted video/audio digital evidence file.

*Particularly: DC, MD, DE, NJ, PA, CT, RI, MA, VT, NH, ME


    Ben Ha | Veritone

    Senior Sales Engineer at Veritone

    As a Senior Sales Engineer at Veritone, Ben manages and mentors a team of Sales Engineers focused on the mission of using AI to solve pain points and workflow inefficiencies for customers in Government, Legal & Compliance. Ben brings 15 years of experience in the software technology industry and 2 years working with clients in Government and Legal Compliance.


    Kirk Lonbom | Microsoft

    Public Safety and Justice Strategy and Solutions Director

    As a Public Safety and Justice Strategy and Solutions Director at Microsoft, Kirk helps to drive national strategy and business development for public safety and justice. Kirk has four decades of experience in state and local government with the majority of his career focused on public safety. His experience includes: service as the Deputy Chief Information Officer for the Illinois State Police, CIO for the Illinois Emergency Management Agency and Illinois’ first statewide Chief Information Security Officer.


    Jen Snyder | GovQA

    Chief Evangelist

    As GovQA’s Chief Evangelist, Jen is interested in meaningful conversations that look both at the big picture, as well as dig deep into nitty-gritty best-practice working sessions on all government challenges and opportunities including those related to technology, transparency, security, procurement, legislative mandates, compliance, staffing challenges, and more. Jen’s 15 years of experience in the state and local government space includes guest speaking and moderating for government events, roundtables, and associations.