Movement on the Transparency Front of Public Records

The pandemic and civil unrest in 2020 has increased the call for government transparency, and caused record requests to become more complex — a recipe that may strain some public record department’s resources.

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Legislation to increase government transparency in Cook County, IL signed into law

A measure that would give Cook County [Illinois] taxpayers the ability to easily access public records was signed into law Friday [Aug. 13].

Senate Bill 583 would include the Clerk of the Circuit Court of Cook County under the Local Records Act, providing greater transparency to the public regarding how the clerk’s office uses its public funds. The Circuit Court Clerk’s Office is a non-judicial office of the judiciary and not a local government or public body currently subject to FOIA.

Additionally, the legislation requires all clerks of circuit courts to accept credit card payments over the internet for fines, penalties, court costs and other costs, providing convenience for a county’s citizens when paying fines and fees.

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Transparency' not 'shame': New Jersey releases names of police officers punished for misconduct

In a move state officials have said will boost police transparency in New Jersey, the state attorney general’s office [the week of Aug. 9] released the names of more than 200 officers punished for major misconduct during the second half of 2020.

The report, which includes any disciplinary action that led to a firing, demotion or suspension of more than five days, describes a litany of offenses committed by law enforcement throughout the state.

“We are releasing this information not to shame or embarrass individual officers, but to provide the same type of transparency and accountability in policing that New Jersey mandates in other essential professions,” acting Attorney General Andrew J. Bruck said in a statement.

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DA seeks contempt order against Philadelphia Police for failure to disclose officers’ disciplinary records

The District Attorney’s Office, with Conviction Integrity Unit Supervisor Patricia Cummings, filed six motions Wednesday [Aug. 11] in Common Pleas Court asking a judge to hold the Philadelphia Police Department in contempt of court for failure to turn over complete police disciplinary records.

The records are used to maintain the Police Misconduct Disclosure Database as part of the effort by the DA’s Office to meet its constitutional obligations.

At an afternoon news conference, DA Larry Krasner said his office had sent out thousands of subpoenas asking for disciplinary records and was given redacted copies in which key information was blacked out.

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Washoe County Sheriff's Office, Nevada makes public records available to anyone through requests

The public will now have access to public records and case information involving the Washoe County Sheriff’s Office thanks to a new software.

Starting on August 16, members of the public will be able to request public record and case information such as electronic documents, videos and audio files using GovQA.

“Effective, efficient and accessible customer service is of upmost importance to me,” said Sheriff Darin Balaam. “It is my belief that utilizing this platform will help further advance the Washoe County Sheriff’s Office’s commitment to being open and transparent in accordance with Nevada law. For those members of our community who do not have internet or electronic access, written requests will continue to be accepted as they are now – adding the electronic function is merely another avenue for people to request this type of information.”

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