An increased interest in police dashboard camera footage is driving an increase in public records requests.

Woodridge, IL | May 27, 2021Public records requests for audio, video spiked during pandemic

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Synopsis: An ever-increasing amount of audio and video data compiled daily into state and local public records, along with a spike in public records requests during the COVID-19 pandemic, has forced government agencies to spend 286% more time processing requests over the past year than normally, according to new data from government software provider GovQA.

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GovQA, which sells cloud-based public records management software to hundreds of U.S. cities, states and counties, attributed a 35% spike in the volume of public records requests over the past year to the COVID-19 pandemic and civil unrest. It also found a 333% increase in the average file size of a public records request since 2018, when the company began surveying of the file types, sizes and time spent processing requests of its member agencies.

The growth of civic technology and the ability to extract and measure data through video, said GovQA’s Chief Evangelist Jennifer Snyder, has caused an “explosion” of the “kinds of things that are now incorporated into what could be a public records request.”

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Learn more about the PiPRIndex here.

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GovQA is the leading provider of cloud-based SaaS automated workflow solutions for government compliance. Customers use our software to more easily process and manage public records and information requests. GovQA combines trusted tools and security, proven government expertise, and a scalable platform that enables cities, counties, and state agencies to securely collect and control time-sensitive information. GovQA’s proprietary Peers in Public Records (PiPR) Index is the only index that tracks trends in public records for state and local governments.

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