Records Request Management Software Solution

If you’re considering a move to a more automated records request management solution, you may want to calculate your ROI to solidify your decision.

Calculate Your ROI

Estimate and enter your specific hard and soft costs below. Get stuck? Contact us for a custom analysis.

Things You Should Know
  • 1FTE cost (for government employee) is estimated at $60,000/yr (includes salary, benefits, pension). Example uses 50K salary multiplied by 25% for benefits, pension = $62,500. 
  • 2Paper, CDs, flash drives, and other material costs. One agency in Washington spends $60K/year on CDs alone for video evidence. If you’re in a state that allows time and materials fees collection; are you collecting? Our customers have found that integrated invoicing and payment modules make it easy to recoup costs.
  • 3Request volumes are growing (see Sunlight Foundation Report). Typically GovQA customers see a 20% reduction in PRR due to our patent-pending deflection technologies. Especially for state and large city & county agencies, this volume could require an additional full-time employee if automated solutions are not put into place. Another data point example: One large city projected that they spend $267 in time and resources per request. For the request volume reductions they see using GovQA’s deflection and duplicate request prevention tools, the department saves $721,167/year.
  • 4Security can straddle the line between hard and soft costs, but we’ve seen agencies turn to automated workflow solutions after facing litigation losses in the 7 figures for data theft and accidental release of personally identifying information (PII).
  • JLARC in Washington State compiles data about the true cost of public records.  Learn more about JLARC metrics here. 

Want a more custom, detailed analysis?

For a more thorough, customized analysis of the true cost of public records request processing at your organization, schedule an overview with our sales team today.

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Learn how an investment in GovQA can help you save now AND later on staffing, litigation, and materials.