Slay the Public Records Request Dragons

2020: Real Stories of Conquest

On Dec. 8, 2020 GovQA was joined by Microsoft and Denver Regional Transportation District to provide insight into how you can transition to the next “age” – suiting you up with the knowledge to successfully battle these new dragons.

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Slay the Public Records Request Dragons: Real Stories of Conquest

In Part I of Slay the Public Records Request Dragon webinar, we discussed the complexity, legislation, and litigation making public records requests ever-more challenging to fulfill. In Part II, we heard from someone with experience in the battle using GovQA to tame the beast.

We didn’t know it then, but these pre-2020 dragons were about to rapidly evolve with the turn of the decade.

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Jen Snyder, GovQA’s Chief Evangelist guides a discussion around the Public Record Request Dragons met previously, Complexity, Legislation, Litigation, and covers how the 2020-Effect has lead these dragons to grow three new heads: Pandemic, Civil Unrest and Future Uncertainty. Jen is joined by Bill Bradford, Program Manager for Privacy & Compliance for Regional Transportation District in Denver, Colorado who shares insight into how he leverages the GovQA public records management system every day to battle the new 2020 dragons. Hear from Dennis Guzy, Microsoft Director of Intelligent Cloud Strategy who highlights the security features that allows GovQA to offer the highest secure environment for FOIA request response.

Leave this webinar with actionable items to conquer these dragons and become a dragon slayer for your organization.

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Featuring Regional Transportation District - Denver, CO

Bill Bradford | Denver RTD

Program Manager for Privacy & Compliance

Bill Bradford is the Program Manager for Privacy & Compliance for RTD (Regional Transportation District) in Denver, Colorado. In addition to serving on the RTD Cybersecurity Council, he is part of the Information Governance Management team responsible for data privacy requirements and ensuring compliance with government regulations.

With 30+ years of Information Management experience, one of Bill’s key focuses is handling of all Open Records requests that come into the RTD.  He also works with the Governor appointed Accountability Committee looking into all aspects of operations.

Bill is a 16-year member of ARMA International and is currently the Immediate Past President.  ARMA is the world’s leading membership organization serving almost 6,000 professionals who manage and govern information.

Bill Bradford RTD
Featuring Microsoft

Dennis Guzy | Microsoft

Director of Security and Intelligent Cloud Strategy

As the Director of Azure Sales for Microsoft State and Local Government Emerging Markets, Dennis works with State and Local Government customers to shape their vision on how Microsoft Cloud Technology can transform their organizations. His primary focus is educating Microsoft customers on capabilities, trends security principles, and best practices. His goal is to always help his customers create a strategic plan that allows them to leverage the very best technologies from Microsoft’s cloud platform and to help them provide the most cost-effective and capable experiences to the end-users and citizens they serve.

Moderated by GovQA

Jen Snyder | GovQA

Chief Evangelist

As GovQA’s Chief Evangelist, Jen is interested in meaningful conversations that look both at the big picture, as well as dig deep into nitty-gritty best-practice working sessions on all government challenges and opportunities including those related to technology, transparency, security, procurement, legislative mandates, compliance, staffing challenges, and more. Jen’s 15 years of experience in the state and local government space includes guest speaking and moderating for government events, roundtables, and associations. 

Slay the Public Records Request Dragons

2020: Real Stories of Conquest

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