Slay the Request Dragon Part II – Real Stories of Conquest

By September 13, 2019February 17th, 2020No Comments

Meet a Knight in Shining Armor. Learn how they reduced the number of Public Records requests while increasing compliance. View the power of the Dragon Slayer efficiently complying with all types of government requests.

In Part I of Slay the Public Records Request Dragon webinar, we discussed the complexity, legislation, and litigation making public records requests ever-more challenging to fulfill. In Part II, we will hear from someone with experience in the battle using GovQA to tame the beast.

Gretchen Cox, former Records Coordinator for the Arlington, Texas Police Department and current GovQA Customer Success Advocate will provide specific insight into how she did battle with public records processing every day. Gretchen will be joined by Jennifer Snyder, GovQA CSO, to guide a demonstration of the GovQA Exchange Platform for Public Records. Dennis Guzy, Microsoft Director of Intelligent Cloud Strategy will highlight the Azure security features that allows GovQA Fortress to create the highest secure environment for FOIA request response.

View a recording of Part I – Slay the Public Records Request Dragon: Quickly, Securely, and in the Cloud. youtube.com/watch?v=k4xXPf7y9v4