Process complex requests among all systems within and across state and local governments.

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If You Have a Public Records Problem; We Have A Solution!

Public Records

GovQA’s Public Records Request Management software handles more Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests for state and local government organizations than any other software provider of its kind.

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If your Subpoena Management process is labor-intensive and exposed; we have a solution!


GovQA’s web-based solution simplifies the administration of subpoenas. Centralize and monitor all subpoena activities while improving the efficiency and timeliness of the process. Seamless, secure collaboration with law enforcement, attorneys, and judicial agencies helps accomplish witness management and subpoena obligations.

Problems communicating and tracking Legal Holds across teams? We have a solution!

Legal Holds

Use the GovQA Platform to quickly gather and protect information for your legal holds. Mitigate risk and improve the outcomes of your legal affairs with automated notifications, acknowledgments, reviews, auditing and reporting.

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Receiving criticism about your Complaints Management process? We have a solution!


GovQA’s Complaint Module helps ensure compliance with strict standards and policies. Enjoy seamless collaboration with various internal departments when reviewing and investigating complaints, feedback, suggestions, commendations and all supporting documentation.

Having trouble keeping important people in the communications Correspondence loop? We have a solution!


Managing communication to and from elected officials and their aides, government agencies, legislative bodies, attorneys, the media, and the public can be complex and cumbersome, not to mention time consuming.

The GovQA Correspondence solution centralizes and streamlines the process, helping your staff respond to requests for information and assistance in a more efficient and timely manner, while reducing the risk and exposure for your agency.

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If you have a Claims Management challenge; we have a solution!


GovQA’s web-based solution simplifies the management of your claims. Improve the efficiency and timeliness of your process while monitoring all activities. Enjoy seamless collaboration with the city/county, legal, claims investigation personnel, and public works departments.

Are your Discovery Management issues related to external collaborators and tracking deadlines? We have a solution!


Discover evidence and collaborate online using an effective, auditable, and secure data management tool. Ensure compliance with state and local criminal justice law.

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Looking for a Citizen Request Management tool to automate communications? We have a solution!

Citizen Requests

GovQA’s multi-lingual 311 and Citizen Request Management (CRM) platform helps cities, counties, and state agencies of all sizes service over 80 million citizens across the country. GovQA’s technologies help keep stakeholders informed 24/7.