Covid-19 Records Response System

Four specialized COVID tools bundled to address the 4 storms you’ll be facing in the coming weeks and months.

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The Comprehensive GovQA Covid Records Response System is highly secure, supports remote workers in the Cloud, and includes accelerated onboarding.


Work in the Cloud


Surrounded by the Highest Security


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Four specialized COVID tools bundled to address records response needs

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Public Records

To handle FOIA requests for information and records relating to COVID-19 from the public and media and proactively post information.

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To centralize and monitor all legal activities related to COVID-19 lawsuits for secure collaboration with law enforcement, attorneys, and judicial agencies.

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Departmental Requests

Centralize requests for information, service, or funding related to the Coronavirus — from internal agency staff working remotely or in decentralized locations.

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Agency Requests

To securely identify both the sending and receiving agency; and then simplify the exchange of Covid-19 information.

Robust Features to Help Simplify Your Life

Tools and features to get your organization…organized.

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Dynamic Covid-19 Knowledgebase

Emergency information accessible via public portal that is searchable and grows organically as new information becomes available.

Robust Reporting
and Dashboards

Oversight and control with custom views and scheduled reports at your fingertips.


Make previously fulfilled requests automatically available for future requests of the same item.


Between familiar and unfamiliar agencies and departments to share requests and gather documents without relying on email.


A dedicated GovQA Implementation Engineer will get you live quickly so you are ready to address existing backlogs and respond to new requests immediately.

Topics Page

Allows each department to post its most recent information with an auto-follow function.

Request Flagging

Link requests for the same information in the staff portal so similar requests can be worked together.

Government Security

Hosted on Microsoft Azure to protect sensitive PII and confidential data with role-based access controls.