Problems communicating and tracking Legal Holds across teams? We have a solution!

The GovQA Platform is the legal hold management software you need to quickly gather and protect information for legal holds.  Mitigate risk and improve the outcomes of your legal affairs with automated notifications, acknowledgments, reviews, auditing and reporting.

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Notify & Remind

Communicate legal hold notifications to staff


The most advanced security technology available to government today

Track & Monitor

Gain visibility and audit every action

Standardize with Templates

Utilize consistent hold language, notifications and reminders

Process & Review

Analyze all case information, redact protected data, package evidence and transfer custody

Streamline the legal holds process

Notify Staff

  • Communicate legal hold notifications to staff
  • Require an acknowledgment of the request
  • Send automated and manual notifications and reminders
  • Create groups for bulk notifications
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Working in a job that is full of chaos, it’s good to have GovQA to help keep me sane.

Jeri Carter LawsonPublic Information Officer, Dallas, TX
Secure Data

Security is our top priority

GovQA offers the most advanced security technology available to government today – so you can prevent data exposure and limit your risks. At its core, the GovQA platform is built to resist security threats. It is single-tenant with a proprietary code base. Our cloud service can support virtually all compliance and security initiatives.

Architectural Barriers Protect Against Malicious Invasion

  • Single tenant architecture physically isolates your data for utmost security and protection from bots, spam, spoofing, malware, denial of service attacks, ransomware, data compromise and theft
  • Proprietary platform code (with no open source code used in our core platform) reduces vulnerabilities and protects against hackers

Layered with Internal Security Measures

  • Encrypted at rest and in-transit (AES 256 bit), so only authorized users gain access to data
  • In-Tool Redaction™ reduces chance of data loss between tools
  • Microsoft Azure Government hosting provides the most advanced, technically sophisticated hosting available to government today
  • Role-based access controls limit what users can see and do
  • Dedicated, onsite security staff at GovQA guard your data 24/7

Fully Audited and Compliant

  • Compliance with CJIS, HIPAA, NIST, and FISMA lets you avoid fines, litigation, and public discord
  • Rigorous SOC 2 Type 2 audit (now in progress) supplies evidence of comprehensive auditing over time (vs. a single moment in time with SOC 2 Type 1)
  • GovQA, the company itself, has an extensive SETA (Security Education Training Awareness) program in-house and is CJIS and HIPAA compliant as confirmed by annual 3rd party audits conducted at our facilities – so you can have full compliance confidence
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Preserve & Record

Collect Files, Documents, and Comments

  • Track and monitor adherence rates
  • Automatically record confirmation and every action in audit trail
  • Identify non-responders
  • Produce comprehensive reports of every notice, request, communication and upload at the case of individual activity level
  • Upload and store all files and communications regarding the legal hold
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The ability to receive, log, track, and respond to a requester electronically saves enormous amounts of staff time. It allows the City to be 100% compliant with the mandated 10 day response deadline.

Cindi MansellSalt Lake City, City Recorder
Standardize the Process

Legal Hold Templates

  • Provide consistency in standard hold language, hold notification instructions, interview questions and reminders
  • Use automated groups for consistent bulk notifications
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Reduce Risk and Exposure

Process & Review

  • Assign all gathered files and information to superiors and legal teams
  • Automatically deliver new files to legal as they arrive
  • Analyze all case information, redact protected information, and package evidence
  • Transfer chain of custody to in-house counsel or external custodians
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Responding to multi-department requests is no longer a challenge with GovQA; we can transmit information to the departments with just a few clicks and it’s just as easy for them to send records back.

Jeri Carter LawsonPublic Information Officer, Dallas, TX

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