If You Have a Public Records Problem, We Have A Solution!

GovQA’s Public Records Request Management software handles more Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests for state and local government organizations than any other software provider of its kind.

Our patent-pending tools like in-line deflection which delivers detailed requested information before a request is submitted; powerful duplicate request flagging and linking; and tiered request processing all greatly reduce repetitive work, limit the opportunity for errors, and make it easy to collaborate with relevant parties.  If you have a public records problem; we have a solution!

Used by More State and Local Government Agencies Than Any Other Solution.

The GovQA public records (FOIA) platform combines our proven knowledge base, rules engine, workflow, and payment technologies to provide a comprehensive Public Records Software Management System that works across all departments and is configured to your specific needs.

map of customers using govqa exchange platform for government workflow management

Reduce Requests

Deflect open records requests before they’re submitted.

Secure Data

The highest level of security and data protection available to governments.

Automate Actions

Save time with customized workflows, processes, notifications and reports.

Improve Experiences

Citizen engagement is enhanced with user-friendly tools.

Manage Processes

Centrally manage all public records requests.

Redact Files

Redact documents easily and securely before releasing.

Deflect requests before they’re submitted

Reduce Requests

  • Patent-pending deflection tools deliver requested information in-line and before a request is submitted resulting in reduced request volume and workload
  • Deflect / merge duplicate requests
  • Allow requesters to view and search previous requests (which you have flagged for public access)
  • Proactively address anticipated future requests with “Trending Topic” self-serve tools and auto-follow functions
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We are pleased to be able to offer a system that makes public records requests easier to submit and allows us to respond more quickly to these requests.

Deb GardnerBoulder County, CO, Board of Commissioners Chairwoman
Secure Data

Security is our top priority

GovQA offers the most advanced security technology available to government today – so you can prevent data exposure and limit your risks. At its core, the GovQA platform is built to resist security threats. It is single-tenant with a proprietary code base. Our cloud service can support virtually all compliance and security initiatives.

Architectural Barriers Protect Against Malicious Invasion

  • Single tenant architecture physically isolates your data for utmost security and protection from bots, spam, spoofing, malware, denial of service attacks, ransomware, data compromise and theft
  • Proprietary platform code (with no open source code used in our core platform) reduces vulnerabilities and protects against hackers

Layered with Internal Security Measures

  • Encrypted at rest and in-transit (AES 256 bit), so only authorized users gain access to data
  • In-Tool Redaction™ reduces chance of data loss between tools
  • Microsoft Azure Government hosting provides the most advanced, technically sophisticated hosting available to government today
  • Role-based access controls limit what users can see and do
  • Dedicated, onsite security staff at GovQA guard your data 24/7

Fully Audited and Compliant

  • Compliance with CJIS, HIPAA, NIST, and FISMA lets you avoid fines, litigation, and public discord
  • Rigorous SOC 2 Type 2 audit (now in progress) supplies evidence of comprehensive auditing over time (vs. a single moment in time with SOC 2 Type 1)
  • GovQA, the company itself, has an extensive SETA (Security Education Training Awareness) program in-house and is CJIS and HIPAA compliant as confirmed by annual 3rd party audits conducted at our facilities – so you can have full compliance confidence
GovQA public requests report and correspondence request module
customized workflows and processes

Automate Actions

  • Intuitive admin portal is configured specifically to your organization and its unique process needs by our dedicated implementation teams
  • Auto-route, escalate, track, distribute and log requests
  • Upload and extract .pst files for review while retaining a deep layered folder structure
  • Monitor time per activity; highlight problems and best practices
  • Response templates – pre-loaded and build-your-own letters & emails with [MERGE TAGS]
  • Automated duplicate request flagging & linking
  • Automatic response date calculation and tracking to keep you on time
  • Alerts & notifications – automated emails to requesters and staff based on your triggers
  • Dozens of integrations with established partners (such as back-end repositories, payment processors, and existing document management systems) provides infinitely scalable tie-ins
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During the evaluation process for public records request tracking software, GovQA was the company that most closely met the city’s security requirements right out of the box.

David CarnahanCity of Palo Alto, CA, Deputy City Clerk
comprehensive web portal

Improve Citizen Experiences

  • Capture requests via any channel (web, mobile, phone, voicemail, email, text message, walk-in, snail mail, fax)
  • No file size limitations
  • Customized, user-friendly public portal with look and feel of your website
  • Let requesters find information OR submit a request online
  • Offer requesters 24/7 access and status updates
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public records software records request form city of goldmeadow
Answer frequently asked question.
Automatically direct requests to the appropriate party within your organization.
Collect the data you need to avoid excessive back-and-forth with requesters.

We have been able to create a system that makes requesting open records as easy and simple as possible. Designed with the requester in mind, it will make requests more efficient than ever before.

Jeri Carter LawsonCity of Dallas, Texas
Central Oversight and Control

Manage Processes

  • Manage deadlines, track exemptions, charge fees and collect payments
  • Dashboards, custom views and at-a-glance status indicators make it easy to see priorities
  • Configure Notification Center alerts and email notifications to match user preferences and roles
  • Full audit trail for tracking, proving responses, and responding to litigation requirements
  • Monitor time per activity; highlight problems and best practices
  • Generate scheduled, on-demand and custom reports
  • Tiered request processing (aka “tasks on steroids”) creates effortless collaboration, delegation and tracking of complex requests
  • Exchange Requests™ let you securely gather information from external agencies and non-government entities (like attorneys)
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In-Tool Redaction™

Redact Files

  • In-tool Redaction™ allows the redaction process to happen within the tool, increasing security and reducing steps to successful redaction
  • Easily collaborate and generate an audit log
  • PST Email Extractor -Upload and extract .pst files for review while retaining a deep layered folder structure.
  • Redaction functions include: Text Search, Pattern Matching, Redact Similar, Exemption Tracking, and Responsive Records Packeting
  • The GovQA-Veritone Redact Integration Solution: simplifies the secure storage, redaction, transfer, and tracking of video and audio records from inside GovQA.
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GovQA public records software document redaction tool on macbook pro

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