Texas Department of Licensing & Regulation launches new open records portal

By February 1, 2021June 25th, 2021No Comments

Texans can now accept and process request for records using a new online portal. The Texas Department of Licensing says the TDLR Open Records Center is quicker compared to emailing, faxing and mailing in open requests. Here’s a list of the self-service options:

  • Submit a request,
  • Track its progress,
  • Access correspondence related to the request,
  • Pay for records online if expenses are incurred in fulfilling the request (and as allowed under the Texas Public Information Act), and
  • Download the requested records once they are available.

You can still make requests by email, fax or mail but TDLR is still encouraging users to take advantage of the online portal because it should reduce the amount of time they must wait for the request to be processed and the information provided.

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