Five Reasons Tennessee Governments Say “Yes” to GovQA For Public Records Management


Did you know the top method for hackers to breach organizations is through email? Our customers do, and with GovQA, you’ll eliminate the possibility by transitioning all information-related workflow to our single-tenant, highly secure architecture.


Our Customers realize that an off-the-shelf product wasn’t going to work for them and their unique process. State and organizational nuance demand a platform that is hyper-configured to their exacting compliance needs and process and can be easily modified in accordance with new laws or regulations.


We not only adapt to your needs but assist in defining the process for your organization based on the thousands of organizations we’ve worked with. Our customers appreciate the value GovQA brings beyond just our market-leading software. Simply put: we’re here to help.


Rarely do our new customers have a thorough, quantifiable accounting of their Public Records Process before implementing GovQA. After launch they can leverage our advanced reporting tool to understand and communicate to their internal constituents, the victories they’re seeing.


Unlike some software providers, our customers have found that when you work with GovQA you’re working with our software AND our people. They’re getting a dedicated implementation team that holds their hand throughout the entire go-live process. Post-launch, they have an assigned Account Manager, 24-hour customer service, and ongoing training opportunities.
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