Preparing For Texas Senate Bill 944

Texas Senate Bill 944 looks to set guidelines around government elected officials sharing public information on private devices. Starting September 1, 2019, agencies subject to public record requests must follow the below guidelines or risk fines and lawsuits.

  • Determine a retention schedule to become your standard for all public record requests.
  • Organizations can utilize a single email address for the intake and management of all public record requests.
  • Messages regarding public information sent on public or private devices are subject to public record requests and must comply with your organization’s standard retention schedule.

Current or former employees who are maintaining public information on private devices must:

  • Forward any conversations regarding public information to the governing agency so the information to be saved on a government server.
  • Save the public information, in its original form, on the private device for the duration of the retention schedule.

Find out how GovQA can help manage the changes coming to Texas’ Public Record Request laws following Senate Bill 944.

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