Thurston County Citizens Have a New Option for Requesting Public Records

Yesterday, March 25, 2019, Thurston County launched a new, online public records request portal to make the process of requesting records easier and more accessible for the public. This new system will also increase efficiencies and consistencies in responding to requests for records.

The public records request portal, hosted by GovQA, is a web-based public records request management system. The portal allows requesters to create a personal account where the user can submit public records requests, track the progress of the County’s response, and download electronic copies of the records requested.

“Thurston County is committed to providing timely and open access to public records,” said County Manager Ramiro Chavez. “This new system makes public records requests easier to submit, allows for requestors to follow the process, and requestors can receive documents electronically, reducing the number of paper copies being provided.”

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Public Records Portal Launched In 2019

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