Trending Topics Equals Reduced Request Volume

If you’re a state or local government seeing exponential increases in open records requests, you’re not alone.  The volume of public records requests has increased significantly in recent years. Why not use technology to take some of that work off your plate?  With Trending Topics from GovQA, you can post once, and let requesters automatically follow updates.

What can Trending Topics from GovQA do?

  • Add the Trending Topics tile to your public records home page and visitors can click this to see whatever information you choose to expose
  • You can publish information in anticipation of future requests (or in response to a flurry of similar requests)
  • Example information to publish to trending topics: Coronavirus updates, incidents, weather-related situations, election information, celebrations, RFPs, or anything you determine would cause an increase in requests
  • Visitors can choose to “+Follow” specific trending topics (via email and/or text alerts); receiving updates any time that particular trending topic is updated by your agency. (they can “unfollow” easily as well)
  • Side Deflection: keywords which match published trending topics content trigger alerts with links to the relevant files
  • When the deflection popup presents relevant information to your requester for download, they can click “yes” or “no” to signify whether their request is satisfied by this information — this lets them choose to continue completing or abandon their official request

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    Trending Topics In Action

    Even if visitors choose not to click on the Trending Topics tile, they will still see the content you’ve created by way of our side deflection feature as they enter keywords into your request intake form

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