Get Help Accessing Funding to Move Records Requests into the Secure Cloud

For Operational Continuity During COVID-19 and Beyond

Your agency’s open records, legal requests, complaints, and other information exchange responsibilities won’t go away just because your budget is shrinking. 

Do more with less by choosing the GovQA cloud-based SaaS platform suite of workflow automation tools (including powerful redaction functions) to:

Securely modernize your agency’s handling of all types of requests from the public, media, and other agencies with no IT support required from your staff and no limits on file sizes or types.

Replace legacy systems with the telework-friendly GovQA enterprise productivity cloud solution using CARES Act funding (and proposed IT modernization act funding). Invest in GovQA, and let us handle implementation, setup, user questions, and tech support. You can even put money back into your budget with payment processor integration that lets your agency more easily collect fees for materials and time.

Where Can You Get Funds?

The Federal Government has provided CARES Act funding for COVID-19 related expenses necessary to the function of government including expenses to improve telework capabilities for public employees to enable compliance with COVID-19 public health precautions. COVID-19 outreach, education, cybersecurity, IT modernization, and emergency response communication and management tools are also eligible for CARES Act funding. The GovQA COVID-19 Records Response System meets all of these criteria. Facilitate business continuity and support digital delivery of critical government services by enabling your staff to work remotely while still meeting the high expectations of the public-at-large for responsiveness during and after the COVID-19 crisis.

Click here to view list of funding sources and tips for accessing funds

Download Our Funding Request Letter Template

Did you know that telework-friendly FOIA software is an eligible use for CARES Act funding? Download a funding request letter template to help you make the case for purchasing GovQA — cloud-based software that supports continuity of essential government functions during COVID-19.

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GovQA Allows Your Agency to Continue Operating During COVID-19 and Future Crises

Benefits for the Community:

Benefits for Agency Operations:

GovQA – Built to Handle a Global Crisis

Four Bundled, Specialized Crisis-Ready Tools

The COVID-19 pandemic has created multiple storms for those handling public records requests, but we have the comprehensive tools to help you weather them.

Does Your FOIA Software
Follow These Best Practices for Security?

Five Steps to Software Security for FOIA Management:

How is COVID-19 Impacting State & Local Government
Public Records Departments?

What stop-gap solutions are other agencies implementing in response to the impact of COVID-19 on public records requests? What’s working best?

Knowing the True Cost Of Public Records
Can Help Your Agency Obtain Funding

Calculate your ROI and use the results as proof of cost-savings for moving to the GovQA cloud solution during this current pandemic-induced budget crisis.

We have found time and time again that state and local government agencies like to help other state and local government agencies. Do you have tips for securing funding for your fellow records custodians in other state, county, and city governments? Call 630.985.1300 or email us at to share!

Help Your Peers

Total Funding Dollars Available
Make the Case for GovQA

Download Our Funding Request Letter Template

Download Letter Template

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