There’s a better way to process video and audio record requests!

The introduction of body-worn cameras in recent years has resulted in a huge increase in video and audio records for many government agencies — particularly those in public safety. 

Government agencies are challenged with reviewing and redacting these files in a reasonable timeframe and keeping rising costs under control. Jurisdictions need to find effective solutions for managing the growth of video and audio records.

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Since GovQA’s PiPRIndex began tracking the number of video files being managed in public records requests in January 2018, we’ve seen a 122% increase – including a 43% jump in 2020, coinciding with a period of great civil unrest and calls for police transparency.

Video Records By the Numbers:

3.3 Trillion Hours of Surveillance Video Captured Daily

What challenges do video and audio files present? 

  • An abundance of footage and a growing need for more resources
  • More laborious redaction processes
  • Costs associated with storing and providing video and audio records (and new laws limiting recoupment of costs via requester fees)
  • Greater public demand for access to footage
  • Identification and accelerated release of “critical incident” recordings

Per Month, the average officer equipped with BWC produces: 

Hours of video

To redact just ONE hour of video using traditional methods, it can take:


80% of Criminal Cases Involve Video or Audio Evidence

The GovQA-Veritone Redact Integration Solution: simplifies the secure storage, redaction, transfer, and tracking of video and audio records from inside GovQA.

Fast Start

Redact with 1 hour of training

90% Time Savings

90% faster redaction than manual methods + 20% or more volume reduction (via GovQA's patented predictive intake deflection tools)

Video Preview

Preview video and audio files from inside GovQA (whether or not you have the GovQA-Veritone Redact Integration)

Upload unredacted video directly into a request

Upload a video; preview to see if redactions are needed; then access Veritone video and audio redaction tools to redact the file and complete tracking and response.

Unbroken Audit Trail

Maintain a defensible chain of custody audit trail

No Limits on File Type or Size

All file types. No compromises. Process video and audio evidence of any size or type from any source.

AI-Powered Redaction

AI-based solution automatically identifies heads, license plates, officer notepads, laptops (MDTs), and also allows easy manual user-defined regions in the scene that track back and forth in time. Even finds sensitive objects in reflections!

Automatic Audio Transcript

Automatically generates an audio transcript of all spoken conversations for easy search + redact. As you scrub the audio, it is synchronized to the video timeline (karaoke-style) for context.

Centralized Intake

Without an all-in-one solution, you get varied intake/response results due to dispersed gathering. With the GovQA-Veritone Redact Integration, you get secure gathering and centralized intake/response.

Compliance and Risk Mitigation

Even with volume and complexity increases of 150%+, you can stay in compliance. The audit trail proves you did your job well.

Public Trust

Timely, accurate release of video records helps promote transparency; and transparency helps build public trust.